What's hidden in your chromosomes?

DNA & Genealogy

Genetic Genealogy - using DNA to connect biological relatives

DNA testing has become an essential tool in the research of a family's history.  It is now affordable, accurate and an ideal way to solve family mysteries and dead-ends in traditional family history research.

Genetic Genealogy uses DNA testing in combination with traditional genealogical research and historical records to infer relationships between individuals.

Thousands of Australians are now testing and having success matching with relatives in Australia and elsewhere around the world, including in the hometowns of our early settlers.


Online genealogy

Unknown Parentage

Genetic genealogy is proving very useful for adoptees, donor conceived people, foundlings, child migrants, war babies, and others with unknown parentage for any reason - who finally have a chance at connecting with biological relatives, and all achieved online in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Misattributed Parentage

If you have ever suspected that a parent was not your biological parent, or a sibling is not a full sibling, then this type of DNA testing (autosomal DNA tests) can finally reveal the truth.

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