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DNA Success Stories

Family reunion stories in the media have always been very popular.  Just a few years ago many of the stories below - all resulting from DNA testing - would have been unheard of, perhaps even thought impossible.

Real DNA Success Stories


Simple and affordable DNA testing is now available that takes advantage of our own genetic material to connect with biological relatives, potentially solving decades-long searches where identifying information has been unavailable for whatever reason.


Who Am I? by Robert Bernard TaylorPrepare to be moved by these stories, which demonstrate the amazing power of our own DNA.

I continually add new stories to the top of this list, so check back occasionally.


DNA Success Stories


Other DNA stories in the media


Also refer to adoption success stories on the ISOGG Wiki 

[If you have your own DNA success story that you'd like included in the list above, you are welcome to send me the link].



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