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Once you start taking an interest in DNA testing for family history purposes, you will naturally want to find out more about how everything works - the test types, who to test, choice of testing companies, understanding results, taking it further, support groups, online forums, advanced tools, projects, etc.

There are so many great resources, so I have listed just a few below to get you started (some are listed in more than one category).  Each will lead you to more great resources. 




Recent Handouts


Beginners & Basics


DNA Kits, Testing & Testing Labs


Choosing a DNA Testing Company


Testing Company Database Sizes


Useful Charts & Tools


Probability of Matching Cousins with DNA


Webinars, Videos & Audio


Facebook Groups


Websites & Blogs


atDNA - basics


atDNA - segments, triangulation, tools etc














X-DNAX-DNA inheritance diagram


Adoption & Adoptees


Donor Conceived Resources


Ethnic Makeup & Admixture


Ancient DNA


Health Reporting






Project Administration





My list of books on DNA testing now has its own page at:




Privacy & Legal


DNA Success Stories

My list of links to DNA success stories and DNA-related articles in the media grew so long that it now has its own page at:





Link to Facebook Group - Using DNA for Genealogy - Australia & NZ

Facebook group - DNA for Genealogy UK


23 Pairs of Chromosomes. One Unique You. Get your DNA story at 23andMe.com.


Discover Your Origins With Family Tree DNA



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