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DNA Test Sales & Discounts

Occasionally there are sales or discount voucher codes available for the purchase of DNA tests for genealogy.  I will publish them on this page whenever I'm aware of good deals to share.

Also compare the features and prices of the major DNA testing companies.


Living DNA


Family Tree DNA



  • 23andMe.com's new lower price for Australian & New Zealand customers is US$99 + US$40 shipping.
  • DNA Day Sale! - US & Canada only (US$69 / C$90); expires 11:59pm 25 April 2018 PDT US.

    23 Pairs of Chromosomes. One Unique You. Get your DNA story at 23andMe.com.



  • dna.ancestry.com.au
  • DNA Day Sale!  A$129 A$109 plus A$30 shipping.  US$59  £59  C$115.
  • Apply the coupon code FREESHIPDNA in your cart to save $9.95 on shipping
    (only available if the voucher box is active/visible).



  • MyHeritage.com/dna
  • DNA Day Sale!   - ends 25 April 2018
    Full price US$99 on sale USD$69 plus 10% VAT plus US$16 shipping
    Australia: A$125 on sale AUD$88 plus 10% GST plus A$21 shipping


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