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When there are sales, offers or discount voucher codes available for the purchase of DNA tests for genealogy and associated products or subscriptions, I share them here.  Current DNA test prices are at an all time low, so it is a great time to start your DNA journey!

If you are unfamiliar with the different DNA tests for genealogy and you would like to know what you are ordering, compare the features and prices of the major DNA testing companies.





MyHeritage Easter DNA Sale!

MyHeritage Subscription Plans -  view millions of historical records and/or millions of family trees

FREE Family Tree Builder - Free family tree software used by millions of people worldwide, Family Tree Builder helps you research your family history, build your family tree and add photos, historical records and more!

FREE 14-Day Trial of the Complete Plan - everything MyHeritage has to offer!

   FREE 14-Day Trial - Australia  or  FREE 14-Day Trial - US  or  FREE 14-Day Trial - UK

FREE UPLOADS   Have you already tested your DNA at another company?

Did you know that you can upload your DNA data to MyHeritage and receive DNA Matches for FREE?

Free DNA Matches with FREE Upload to MyHeritage DNA

Upload your DNA for free to MyHeritage DNA Australia or MyHeritage DNA UK or MyHeritage DNA US



Family Tree DNA

  • FamilyTreeDNA.com sells several different types of DNA tests for genealogy
  • Project Discount: For Y-DNA tests (males only), join a FTDNA Project before ordering to save US$10 or US$20. Find a project matching your surname, or simply start your order by clicking on a reduced-priced kit from any project (eg. Australian Citizens). Learn more about FTDNA projects.
    (Note: project discounts apply during some sales, but not all).
  • Free Y-DNA tests: Some surname projects offer free Y-DNA tests to encourage males with particular surnames to test - so check the ISOGG list of free DNA tests.



Living DNA - National DNA Day Sale!

  • Living DNA is highly recommended if you have British heritage... their 3-in-1 test includes a detailed breakdown of your biogeographical ancestry (into 80 worldwide regions including 21 British regions!), as well as your motherline (mtDNA) and fatherline (Y-DNA, males only) haplogroups. As more regions are identified, your results will be automatically updated (Irish, German, Scottish and other regions are currently being developed and your results will reflect these as they are completed). Get your DNA into the database now, ready for Living DNA's exciting new Family Networks and relative matching features (currently in Beta)!

  • Living DNA Australia:   A$169  now A$119  plus A$14.95 shipping
    Sale ends 27 April 2019

  • Living DNA New Zealand:   NZ$169  now NZ$119  plus NZ$14.95 shipping
  • Living DNA UK:   £99  now £69  plus £9.95 shipping
  • Living DNA USA:   US$99  now US$69  plus US$9.95 shipping
  • Living DNA Canada:   C$149  now C$99  plus C$14.95 shipping
  • Living DNA Europe:   €109  now €69  plus €12.95 shipping
  • Living DNA Rest of WorldUS$149  now US$99  plus US$9.95 shipping

Select your country from the globe icon at the top of Living DNA's website



FindMyPast DNA




  • 23andMe current price: Australia & NZ:  US$99 plus US$39.99 shipping plus GST (see all prices)
  • 23andMe rarely has sales for Australian customers, but if there is one I will list it here ASAP!


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