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Free access to Australian records at MyHeritage

To celebrate National Family History Month, MyHeritage family history website is offering free access to Australian historical records from August 15th to 22nd - that's from today until next Friday, so get into detective mode for the weekend and the week ahead and start exploring!


Australian records

The Australian records include a selection of birth, marriage, death indexes, electoral rolls, government gazettes, school records and many more. 

Not all states or indexes are included, but run a few searches on your surnames to see if you can find something new!


Click the link or image below to go directly to MyHeritage's search page for Australian records.


Free registration is required to view the records, so if you're not already registered with MyHeritage, click the 'Sign up' link at the top right of the page, and register with your name, email address and password.


MyHeritage Australian Search


Tip:  If your results include international results, tick the checkbox for Exact Search

The Queensland School Pupils indexes are excellent for tracking down missing persons and locating families that were on the move, as finding the school enrolments of their children helps locate them in-between electoral roll updates and when other methods fail.


I did notice many family tree records for my surnames in Australia that I've not seen on other sites before, so there may be some new clues and contacts to get in touch with.  MyHeritage claims to have a million Australian members and 75 million around the world, so some will be researching lines in common.


Free Webinar

MyHeritage is hosting a free webinar on Monday, 18 August, presented by Shauna Hicks, on Golden Genealogy Rules: Tips to uncover your family heritage, so if you are free 8-9pm AEST on Monday, register now before it is full! 

See http://blog.myheritage.com/2014/07/australia-celebrates-national-family-history-month/ for the registration link and further details.


Family Tree Builder

MyHeritage has its own free family history software, called Family Tree Builder.  It may prove very useful for all the DNA newbies in our Cairns DNA Interest Group (DIG) keen to learn how to create a GEDcom for uploading to Family Tree DNA. 

I have downloaded FTB and will document the steps required to create a GEDcom. 



Don't forget our next Cairns DIG (DNA Interest Group) meeting on Saturday, 30 August, and I am also scheduling some online group sessions before then, as the DNA results have started to come out today and there is much excitement in the air! 

We joked light-heartedly about some of us being related to each other, but didn't really expect it to happen!  After this morning's revelations, there will definitely be some very interesting discussions taking place!


Cairns DNA Interest Group next meeting 

Search & explore

Get into searching those free MyHeritage Australian records this week, as you will need to fill in as many of your unknown cousin branches as possible to work out your DNA matches!


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