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What's hidden in your tree?

Genetic Genealogy - using DNA to find biological relatives

DNA testing is fast becoming an essential tool in a reasonably exhaustive search of a family's history.  It is now affordable, accurate and an ideal way to solve family mysteries and dead-ends in traditional research. 

Thousands of Australians are now testing and having success matching with cousins in Australia and elsewhere around the world, including the hometowns of our early settlers. 

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Genealogy - the fun, popular, and ideal hobby for online!

Online genealogy

Researching your family history online is fun, very popular and often quite addictive! There are so many wonderful resources available online, both free and paid services, but the sheer volume and complexities of these can be overwhelming for a beginner, and mistakes are very easily made.

Avoid common mistakes by learning proper research techniques from the beginning - don't end up researching the wrong family! No need to travel the world to find your ancestors (although it would be nice) - start at home and enjoy the journey!

Family History Services

  • DNA Interest Group meetings at Cairns FHS
  • Drop-In DNA Clinics at Cairns FHS
  • Join the Facebook Group - Using DNA for Genealogy - Australia & NZ
  • Using DNA for Genealogy
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  • Online coaching in Genealogy and Genetic Genealogy topics
  • Group training sessions available by arrangement
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